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Atlantic Footcare, based in North Smithfield, Rhode Island, has been a leader in insole manufacturing since 1998 when it began as the medical division of our former parent company. In 2009, Atlantic Footcare became a separate, new company when a group of managers purchased the division and established a new molding operation in Rhode Island to produce our Prothotics brand medical grade insoles. These medical insoles are manufactured using the highest quality materials. Today, Atlantic Footcare has grown into one of the top suppliers of insole products in the USA. Not only does Atlantic Footcare manufacture its own Prothotics brand insoles, but we also supply OEM products for many of the major shoe manufacturers in the US. As an approved Tier 2 supplier to the military, we manufacture many of the insoles found in the boots of our soldiers. Our line of insole products designed for retail sales have been found in major retailers such as Walmart and CVS. We can also design and manufacture custom products as well. Atlantic Footcare uses an environmentally friendly process we call release- free molding. No mold release agents that pollute the air are used in our production of insoles. We also are continuously working to reduce our dependence on oil by substituting naturally existing filler materials. Atlantic Footcare has also become a leader in wearable technology development with several new product innovations that have embedded electronic components. From GPS to Blue Tooth Chips to Pressure mapping and even fall prevention devices. Let us help you design the next wearable device. Atlantic Footcare also molds industrial products. Packaging devices, cell phone cases, impact protection devices and even the newest urethane LaCrosse ball approved for NCAA play are just a few of the items we can mold for you.
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