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Polyurethane Molding


Prothotics™ insoles are used by industrial accounts ranging from major utility and manufacturing companies to small and

medium sized industrial accounts looking to reduce costs by improving employee performance.

Reducing the potential of employee health problems contributes to better employees performance, reduced downtime from

absenteeism and potentially lower medical costs. Lower incidence of medical claims also leads to reduce insurance premiums.

Employees benefit by reduced fatigue and reduced pain in lower extremities. The employer benefits by having a happier and

more productive workforce. Cost benefits can also contribute to a total win/win scenario.

Atlantic Footcare

Comfort and Comfort Gel

For the ultimate in foot comfort. Pressure reduction top layer aids in

relieving foot problems.

Professional 3/4 and Full

A slim fitting product that provides cushioning, reduces fatigue and

fits in most shoes.

Semi-Flex 3/4 and Semi-Flex Full

Designed to provide maximum arch support for foot problems

like plantar fasciitis.

Foot Comfort

A self-conforming Vizion top layer molds to your foot and is supported

by the soft and comfortable polyurethane base layer. VyGel heel and

forepart pads provide shock absorption.

Custom Molded Products

Our unique mold design allows you to piggy-back on our existing molds

and allows us to customize a product especially for you. Use your brand,

use your colors use your design, all at a fraction of normal up-front mold


Although we have a long history supplies insole products to the footwear

industry, our expertise does not stop there. We mold all kinds of custom

items. From electronics encapsulation projects, to packaging products to

our latest LaCrosse ball manufacturing project, we can mold just about

anything to fill your needs.

Products for Industry