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Polyurethane Molding

Custom molded products

Atlantic Footcare

Atlantic Footcare can make almost anything out of Polyurethane. As a high volume, small shot expert, we can show you

the most economical approach to getting your project launched quickly and efficiently.

Atlantic footcare has become a leader in wearable technology development with several new product innovations with

embedded electronic componentry. From GPS devices to Blue Tooth devices, to pressure mapping devices and even

devices used to help prevent falls for the elderly. Our process requires little to no heat making it perfect to encapsulate

sensitive electronic components.

As a custom formulator of PU materials, we can tailor the polyurethane to look and feel like almost anything. From ultra

soft PU foams or PU Gels to very hard and rigid materials, we can mold it. Our release free molding and custom designed

manufacturing cells are ECO friendly.

Our newest manufacturing cell allows us to mold the newest LaCrosse ball, The Guardian Pearl. This product was the

first non-rubber alternative ball to be approved for use in NCAA play. Atlantic Footcare has partnered with Guardian

Innovations to exclusively manufacture this exciting new product.